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Retail // New product line

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Often retailers try a new product, branching out on their core offering to consumers. This is a great way for smaller businesses to create additional revenue streams as well as giving their customers a one-stop-shop in whatever category they represent. For example a hairdresser offering styling equipment and haircare products or a pool company extending their services beyond just installation and selling pool care packages and pool toys etc. However a product introduced outside of the core offerings may not have the same success or demand as first thought and a business can be left with excess stock taking up not only important limited space but also absorbing available cash.


The challenge

A major supplier of natural stone for high-end residential and commercial products across the Eastern Seaboard of Australia also offered a range of products for maintenance and care of their stone and tiles. Although many of these secondary products were selling through well, there was a particular range that was sitting in the warehouse on a much longer sale cycle, trying up space and cash.

The solution

The product was a well-known and highly regarded brand which presented an opportunity to approach a first line hardware retailer, open to consider an opportunity purchase and able to take the volume needed to be moved (50,000+ units).

The result

Active International worked with the buyer to get the best possible unit price point and with the seller who was able to make swift decisions and keen to move the stock quickly. A stock list was received, buyer found and price point negotiated then the inventory was moved all within 3-4 weeks. The end result was a win for all parties involved.


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