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 A common problem faced by many of our clients is that the suppliers require a minimum quota of stock to be produced which is typically quite high. This acts as a double-edged sword, whereby on one hand, more stock amounts to more potential sales but on the other, it means there may be an oversupply of stock. The latter becomes an issue especially in situations where our clients want to rebrand or repackage their stock.


The challenge

A drink manufacturing client recently found themselves with an oversupply of organic juices that were due for re-branding and re-packaging. The oversupply was a result of complying to their supplier’s minimum production quota and was restricting their ability to expand their business – it was taking up storage space and limited their ability to launch their desired new branding

The solution

Active International worked together with the client to assess their storage situation and identified a sale channel that absorbed their oversupply of stock at an acceptable price point within a two-week time frame

The result

The client has since re-branded their line of organic juices and have built and on-going relationship with Active International. Active International is currently assisting them with an excess stock solution for their Sparkling Water product lines


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