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With summer only weeks away, many seasonal skewed brands are looking forward to finally launching their new product lines and flavours targeted to the festive season and warmer days. New lines are accompanied by and often have set up optimistic sales forecasts which rather look like sales ‘wish-casts’. 

Paving the way for the future of retail 

How to safe-proof your inventory management. Managing stock is fraught with challenges in today's retail landscape. While surplus stock ties up capital and can keep you from re-investing in your business, waiting times on products will deter the modern customer who Wants It Right Now.

There is no doubt that alcohol trends are shifting around the globe with an overall change in consumer consumption and demand in general.

Year after year, marketers spend more in November than any other month; and the retail hype sees Christmas sales forecasts soar!

Believe it or not we’re all already preparing for the silly season.

No matter what time of the year it is, businesses are looking at ways to maximise sales.

Managing excess inventory can ultimately become a living nightmare for many businesses.

In today’s fast moving marketplace retailers are forced to realise revenue growth through solid remarketing strategies.

More than ever before, clients face the challenges of surplus, unsold stock or excess inventory.

For any business there is a fine balance between survival and success in the first 5 years of existence.

Every year expectations rise leading up to the holiday season with sales forecasts looking very promising.

End of financial year is fast approaching and excess stock is an issue for all retailers.

Today, in an era of innovation and rapidly changing consumer preferences we see countless leading brands choose clearance or liquidation as a solution to their excess stock.

Clearance can be a scary concept for retailers but pre-determining your expectations for return on value can reduce the risk of false starts.

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